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As xR becomes more mainstream, the military has started to invest heavily in its use for training. However, choosing which headset is appropriate for a specific training task is difficult.


TARgET is a native windows application and xR test battery that allows scientist to evaluate the properties of xR headsets. By deploying experiments to the targeted headset. They can then evaluate important properties such as: color shift, resolution visual acuity, and stereo acuity.


Lead UX/UI Designer. I worked closely with Dr. Gwen Campbell, Dr. Jennifer Riley, and Dr. Cali Fidopiastis for UX research related tasking. I was also solely responsible for the UI designs.

Conceptual Design

The challenge with TARgET was that we had to design an application that could interface with many different types of Head Worn Displays (HWDs). Our target user (heh) was a highly scientific person, so while we wanted the interface to be easy to use, we also wanted the results of the experiments to show the level of science-focused detail that most other people wouldn’t care to see.

User Personas

Through interviews, we identified one core user type that would use TARgET.



Web Portal

Log in screen

Creating a new device to test

Evaluation home screen

Selecting comparators for device to be compared against

Results after human subject testing


Participant list in xR. Because we had to interface with so many different types of HWDs, a bluetooth keyboard was the best modality for interacting with the UI.

Preparing user for Landolt-C test

Preparing user for Color Matching test

Control stimulus break countdown

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