Squad leaders must keep their team up to date on certain qualifications and required trainings to meet goals before deployment. It’s difficult to keep track of, schedule, and organize all the requirements.


ASSIST is a web based application that allows squad leaders to create a training plan that is easy for them to follow and tracks their squad’s progress on skills. As trainings are completed, ASSIST using AI to suggest new training based on their outcomes.


Lead UX/UI Designer. I worked closely with Dr. Gwen Campbell and Dr. Jennifer Riley to design the user experience of this project. I was also solely responsible for the UI designs.

Conceptual Design

Through user interviews, we began to understand the complexity of maintaining a training schedule for a squad. Key user pain points were (a) understanding where their squad was at any given time was difficult and (b) there was no easy way to schedule training sessions.

User Personas

After conducting initial user interviews, I created two composite user personas. Our Platoon Leader who will use ASSIST to create a training road map for his team...

...and the Battalion Commander who needs to track multiple teams and view summary data.

Journey Jogging

At my current job, we loved the exercise of Journey Mapping for the insights it gave us, but hated how lengthy the sessions could be. With my colleagues, we designed a hybrid form of Journey Mapping + Google Sprints that we call “Journey Jogging.” Everything is time boxed, discussion only happens afterwards, and ‘thoughts & feeling” are combined into one phase. Below is a digitized version of our sessions. Forgive the fidelity, Miro is expensive.


Empty Roadmap screen

Filling out Unit Profile

Viewing Roadmap

Calendar view

Battalion Leader high summary view

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